Joanna MacLean
PG Member Since 2010

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Laurie Wear
PG Member Since 2012

25 Years Strong

These 12 people make up a select group that have been members of the Pulse Generator for 20 to 25 years.

Mark Taylor
Director of Research, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
PG Member Since 2008


Nov 2018, PG Southport
Jana has been a member of PG since May of 2017. She plays volleyball and slow pitch and also takes part in the outdoor group training sessions over the summer months. She has also recently incorporated personal training into her routine and is finding real value in individual sessions. These meeting have been fun and challenging and also add a consistent schedule to her days giving her a better work life harmony and more time to spend with her 2 children
while still having time for fitnessType your paragraph here.

Oct 2018, PG-UAH

Maxine Epoch has been a member of the PG for one and a half years and has learned a lot in the gym from her workout buddies. She loves walking but have also recently taken up running after some heart surgery and is Loving It. She just completed her first 1/2 marathon but in her down time loves walking her dog and watching NBA games.  Her    advice is to start sooner and never say never.  Surprise yourself.




Audric Moses
Operations Manager, Lipid Analysis Core Facility
PG Member Since 2000-ish

Blair O'Neill
Interventional Cardiologist
PG Member Since 2008

Aug 2018, PG-UAH

Mike Bowers has been a member of the Pulse Generator since 1992. He has recently been on a long road of rehab after leg surgery, and has made great progress to becoming fully recovered. It has been great to watch Mike’s perseverance in making a full recovery. Great Job Mike.


Kelly Gilles
Registered Psychiatric Nurse
PG Member Since 2012

Dec 2018, PG-UAH

Known down here as the "Two Brendas",

these ladies joined the Pulse Generator UAH in October and have been working out together since their first day.

They workout five days per week and help each other stay motivated and accountable. The "Two Brendas" recommend finding a workout buddy to make staying on track a lot easier.





Sept 2018, PG-Foothills

Jo-El Buerlen has been a member of the Pulse Generator for three years.  She joined the PG to stay committed to her health, after a struggle with her weight & successfully losing 52 lbs. Going to the gym is now part of her every day routine, and she has also formed some great new friendships by attending the facility. Outside of the gym, Jo-El enjoys kickboxing, spin class, golf, kayaking, gardening, camping and    skiing/snowshoeing in the winter.



Growing Strong Together...

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Ranjeeta Gounden
Physician (Geriatric Services)
PG Member Since 2014