FULL SESSIONS (~60min/one on one)
1 Session
PG Member - $55            Non-PG Member - $65

4 Sessions
PG Member - $205          Non-PG Member - $225

10 Sessions
PG Member - $470          Non-PG Member - $510

Client Testimonials
" I wanted to learn ways of working out that could incorporate modifications based on my limited mobility(arthritis) that would give me the maximum workout in the least amount of time. Matt listened to my limitations, understood that there are things I just cannot do.  He is able to distinguish when I am whining that something is hard versus when I am struggling due to pain and changes the task or pushes me through it.  Matt makes the workouts fun, he is very knowledgeable,respectful and sometimes a little tough, the perfect trainer. "

I was looking for a way to add some resistance work to my exercise routine. I wanted something challenging, with a good variety of exercises, that I could complete over my lunch hour.  Having Matt there makes a significant difference to me, in terms of the types of exercises I choose, and how much I will push myself (as compared to working
out on my own).

EXPRESS TRAINING (~30min/one on one)
4 Sessions
PG Member - $120         Non-PG Member - $140

10 Sessions
PG Member - $250        Non-PG Member - $290


Pulse Generator training options are designed with the diverse needs of our members in mind.  We offer a number of specialty services that were created to assist you in meeting your health and fitness goals.

Your individual goals, needs and lifestyle are the key ingredients to designing an exercise                                    program that will set you up for success. 
In this demanding 24/7 environment, you want to ensure that the precious time you spend on building & maintaining a health body is time well spent.  Personal trainers not only provide you with the relevant information on training principles and technique, they give you motivational advice and encouragement to help you reach your full potential.

Please read the information below and when you are ready you can access the Personal Training Request Form. 

For more personal training information or to discuss what option is best for you contact

Matt at 403-370-6330 or email matthew.thomas@ahs.ca

Important: Get in touch with the Pulse Generator or a specific staff member before purchasing any packages online.

Consultation & Program Design ($95 for Pulse Generator members; $125 for non-Pulse Generator members)
Meet with a trainer to discuss and put a plan together to help you reach your fitness goals.  Your trainer will design a personalized exercise program and put you through it, so you can workout confidently on your own.  This service is usually completed in two parts - 1) meeting with trainer & client 2) go through/perform program with trainer.