The Pulse Generator represents onsite employee fitness at its best.  We operate as a not for profit business, providing onsite fitness facilities, programming and services with the health care community.  We have managed Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health fitness facilities in Edmonton for over 26 years and have recently taken on the responsibility for the Calgary Zone's 5 fitness facilities and programs.

Our Vision is to:

  • operate and deliver affordable fitness & health opportunities to our Health Care Community: Employees and the Corporation - Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health.
  • help employees and the corporation understand why health & fitness opportunities are and should be a priority in the Health Care Community by being onsite and easily accessible.

We offer onsite health & fitness facilities that are a benefit to the employee.  We deliver employee health & fitness offerings with quality and integrity; changing with the trends, seasons, market and environment that we work within.

  • high quality, commercial grade equipment
  • 24/7 access to fitness facilities
  • access to personal training and program design
  • fun and interesting classes & programs
  • unique destination fitness opportunities